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About US
———Company Introduction———

Ningbo Yutong Bearing Co.,Ltd,located in the norther of Ningbo City,Zhejiang province China,the south bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. We specially manufacture linear motion ball bearings & related products etc.

Be the principie of ”quality is the life of the company” and the spirits of ”conscien-tious and meticulous”,we always pay alot of attention to products quality to enssure stable quality and performance.We also passed ISO9001-2000 certification system,to make our working procedure more systematic & professional.

Meanwhile we insist to adsorbing profession technical talents,lntoducing new & high technical machines & inspection machines to improve our comehensive competition.

We would continuously try our best to supply advanced products to the market.Wewill try to improve our design,production,sales,services to meet market’s requirements.

In order to be a first class enterprise,we will continuously keep on working hard on improving our design,production,sales and serivce and so on.

Linear bearing

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Tel:(86)057463780228 Fax:(86)057463781081
Address:Industrial district,WestDoor,Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang,China

Linear bearing
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